I Started A “Food” Blog

And then I promptly did this…

Sometimes you get a little overzealous when making tuna and open the wrong side of your seasoning. Or maybe that’s just me. Derick, my fiance, is clearly the savory cook in the house. We tried to save it, but ultimately we had to call it. I could have gotten frustrated at myself for being so careless. Derick could’ve gotten frustrated at me for ruining dinner. Instead, we both just laughed while teamworking our way through an alternate meal.

While I was working on my about me section, I was wondering how I could incorporate two vastly different passions into one blog. Blogging is such a niche thing that I kept asking myself, “do I want to breathe life into this as a nursing blog, or do I whip something up for my kitchen gangsters?”  Ultimately I decided not to choose. I’m here for baked goods and anecdotes about my baked patients, as they both define a lot of who I am as a person. During my dinner mishap, I realized both are so enjoyable to me because of two things: teamwork and laughter. If you’ve found yourself here as neither a nurse nor a baker, stick with me. This is just some good old fashion life stuff.

There are days that ambulances will not stop showing up. These ambulances always seem to have the same pattern… a fall from an assisted living facility, a thirty year old drama queen with severe abdominal pain (sidenote: these will later prove to be period cramps), a drunk and disorderly patient, and repeat. At the same time you have your patients with chest pain and shortness of breath lining up to check in. You also have the patient who feels they’ve waited too long and fakes a seizure right there in the waiting room. If you’re the triage nurse, this is your actual worst nightmare. This is also the time, without even asking, your coworkers step in and start tackling the ambulances while you try and decompress the waiting room. This is the teamwork part of my job. Remember the drunk and disorderly patient? The laughter comes into play when he climbs out of bed naked and pees on the Bible your hospital has in every room.

Life is hard. We make it even harder. This isn’t just for my nurses or my bakers. This is a fault we all have. I, for one, am stubborn and prideful. I hate asking for help. Fortunately I am blessed with a fiance and coworkers who will help me anyway. We also have a tendency to take things too seriously sometimes. If we can all help each other out and laugh in the process, maybe our lives will become a piece of cake. And if all else fails, we can eat some.


Thanks for letting me be a tart of your world.


And a special thanks to Burger, my editor and dog.



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